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File Manager + is an easy and powerful file explorer for Android devices. It’s free, fast and full-featured. Because of its simple UI, it’s extremely easy to use. You can easily manage storages on your device, NAS(Network-attached storage), and cloud storages. What’s more, you can find how many files & apps you have on your device at a glance immediately after opening the app.
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File Manager Plus
Mar 14, 2023
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File Manager APK-happymodsapk

Effective file management is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital life, where our lives are entangled with all new technologies. With the birth of smartphones, a dedicated and feature-rich file manager app has become necessary for anyone to simplify file and folder management on their mobile phones. also, will check Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Download | Free PDF viewer File Manager APK is a powerful Android application that manages all your files and is your device’s central file management hub. Loaded with tools and an intuitive interface, File Manager APK allows users to navigate, organize, and edit files efficiently. 

From creating and deleting folders to transferring files between two devices, this universal app simplifies the complexities of file management while providing users with seamless and easy access, organization, and privacy. In this article, we will examine File Manager APK, delving into its functionalities, uncovering its standout qualities, and concluding with a comprehensive review of its importance in Android file management.

What is File Manager APK?

File Manager APK is a solid Android application that serves as an all-in-one file management solution for Android devices for all users worldwide. APK (Android Package Kit) is a file format used for distributing and installing all applications on Android devices, and File Manager APK file is specially designed to provide advanced file management features in one place. It offers users an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows them to easily navigate, manage, and edit files and folders on various devices. 

File Manager APK will enable users to perform a variety of different tasks, including creating and deleting folders from the phone, copying and moving files, transferring files between two devices using various methods like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, squeezing files into archive formats and merging with popular cloud storage services, managing installed apps, analyzing disk space usage and even accessing system files on rooted devices as well. File Manager APK is a vital tool for all Android users to take control of their file management needs, increase productivity and organize digital files efficiently within no time.

Key Features of File Manager APK

User-Friendly Interface

One of File Manager APK’s outstanding features is its user-friendly interface, simplifying user file management. The app has an excellent and attractive design for easy navigation and usability for all users. The interface is neatly organized, providing users with clear labels, icons, and visual cues to help them quickly identify and access the files and folders they want and guide them on what they want to do. The menu structure is logically organized, making it easy to find and use different functions and features to deliver the best to the users.

Additionally, the UI offers customization options that allow users to customize the look and layout of the app according to their preferences. It does not matter whether you are an unfamiliar beginner or an experienced user; File Manager APK’s user-friendly interface guarantees soft and user-friendly file management.

File Organization

File Manager APK excels at organizing files by providing users with tools to manage all their files and folders efficiently in one place. The application provides a hierarchical view of the file system, allowing users to easily navigate different directories and subdirectories. File Manager APK will enable users to create new folders, move files between directories, copy files for backup or sharing, and delete excessive files with just a few clicks. 

File Manager APK’s robust file organization feature allows effortless file management and retrieval, assuring easy access to specific files for all users worldwide. Whether you want to manage documents, sort media files, or categorize downloaded files, File Manager APK provides the instruments to facilitate file organization.

File Transfer

File Manager APK provides seamless and unlimited file transfer, allowing users to seamlessly share and transfer files between devices. With various transfer methods that the app allows, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cloud integration, File Manager APK simplifies the file-sharing process. Users can quickly send files to other devices on the local network via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, eliminating the need for external tools or apps.

The app seamlessly combines with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, allowing users to directly access and manage files stored in the cloud. This versatile file transfer feature allows users to quickly and securely share files with others, back up data to remote storage platforms, or download files from the cloud on demand. Whether you’re sharing documents, transferring media files, or backing up essential data, File Manager APK offers a suitable and efficient solution to your file transfer requirements.

Cloud Integration

File Manager APK provides seamless integration with popular cloud storage services, making it easy for users to access and manage files stored in the cloud with simple steps. The app directly integrates with platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, allowing users to browse, upload, download, and organize cloud files within the file manager’s APK interface.

This means users can effortlessly access and work with their files stored in the cloud without installing additional applications or switching platforms on their devices. Whether you need to retrieve an important document, upload a file to the cloud for backup, or organize your storage folders, File Manager APK’s cloud integration feature provides a suitable and centralized solution. File Manager APK makes managing files in the cloud smooth and efficient.

Archive Compression

File Manager APK includes a powerful archive compression feature that permits users to compress files into different archive formats like ZIP and RAR. This feature is handy when saving disk space or sharing multiple files in one click. File Manager APK allows users to select multiple files or folders, pack them into a compressed archive and reduce their overall size with simple clicks. Compressed archives are helpful for archiving and backup and transferring files via email or other platforms. 

In addition, File Manager APK provides options to extract files from compressed archives, permitting users to access and work with the contents of compressed files efficiently. Whether you want to compress an extensive collection of documents or extract files from a downloaded archive, File Manager’s APK archive compression feature offers a timely and efficient solution to manage and organize your compressed files.

File Encryption

File Manager APK has powerful file encryption features that provide users with a secure way to protect their sensitive files. This feature lets users encrypt individual files or entire folders, ensuring only authorized individuals can access encrypted content in the app. File Manager APK uses robust encryption algorithms to rescue your files, making it challenging for unauthorized users to decrypt and view your protected data. 

Users can set passwords to encrypt all their files, adding an extra layer of security to the app. This feature is convenient when protecting personal documents, financial records, or other sensitive information stored on their device. File Manager APK’s file encryption feature empowers users to maintain the confidentiality of their files, protecting them from unauthorized access and guaranteeing data privacy.

Media Management

File Manager APK provides extensive media management features allowing users to easily organize and interact with media files. With the built-in media player and image viewer capabilities, users can easily view and manage their audio, video, and image files without requiring separate media player apps to view and play media etc. File Manager APK supports different media formats and ensures compatibility with multiple file types. Users can listen to music, watch videos, and view images within the app, permitting fast and seamless media playback. 

In addition, the media management feature will allow users to sort and categorize media files, create custom playlists, and organize albums or folders based on their preferences. File Manager APK’s multimedia management function provides a suitable and complete solution for users to access, manage and use multimedia content on the go.

Storage Analysis

The File Manager APK has an advanced storage analysis feature that allows users to get information about their device’s storage usage. With this feature, users can easily see which files and folders they are looking for which take up the most space on their device, allowing them to make informed decisions about file management and storage optimization in one place. The File Manager APK provides specific information about your storage usage, including total storage capacity remaining on your device, available storage space, and a breakdown of storage usage by each file type on your device. 

Users can quickly recognize large files, duplicate files, and files they haven’t accessed or opened in a long time, which helps them specific areas to free up disk space and optimize storage usage as well. The storage analyzer feature in File Manager APK allows users to virtually manage their device’s storage, ensure efficient use and avoid storage issues on all devices.


Android users should consider using the File Manager APK tool. It provides a wide range of features to manage files and folders efficiently. The tool has an easy-to-use interface, allows seamless file transfer, integrates with cloud services, compresses archives, encrypts files, manages media, and provides storage analytics. With these capabilities, File Manager APK empowers users to control their file management needs. 

Whether you’re organizing your files, moving them between devices, protecting sensitive data, managing media content, or optimizing storage usage, File Manager APK offers a reliable and affordable solution. By simplifying complex file management tasks and enhancing the overall Android experience, File Manager APK proves to be an invaluable tool for users of all skill levels. So download File Manager APK now and streamline your file management workflow for a more organized and efficient digital life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the File Manager APK from Google Play Store? 

Unfortunately, File Manager APK is unavailable on the official Google Play Store. However, it can be found in reputable third-party app stores or downloaded directly from the developer’s website. 

Can I customize the look of the File Manager APK? 

Yes, File Manager APK often comes with customization options that allow users to customize the app’s theme, layout, and icons according to their preferences. 

Is APK file manager a free application? 

Yes, File Manager APK is widely available as a free app and offers a complete set of features at no additional cost. However, some versions may contain in-app purchases or display advertisements to generate revenue for the developers. 

How secure is File Manager APK? 

The File Manager APK cares about securing your data by providing encryption and password protection for sensitive files. It’s essential to exercise caution by being mindful of the app permissions you grant and only downloading from trusted sources to reduce any potential security risks.

What's new

- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

- Improved compatibility for Android 13
- Supports split APK

- Target Android 11 : To read and write to files in shared storage using this app, you need to have the all files access permission on devices that runs Android 11 or higher. This is the policy of the Google Play store. Please refer to the following link for more details.


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