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In Infinity Blade, you crafted weapons from scratch to form a powerful arsenal of blades. The crafting system is even more robust in the sequel, Weapon Craft Run. You can craft anything from swords and axes to bows and maces on a medieval anvil. 

 Weapon Crafting in Weapon Craft Run APK-happymodsapk

There are also unique items that require specific materials or a rare item drop from defeating enemies to be completed. This guide will walk you through how to use the Weapon Craft Run crafting system so that you can create powerful weapons for yourself! As always, we hope this information was helpful for you!

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Infinity Blade weapon crafting system

  • The Infinity Blade weapon crafting system is a game mechanic that allows players to create new weapons.
  • The weapon crafting system can be accessed through the inventory menu and allows you to combine different parts to create new weapons.
  • You can also repair damaged weapons with a few pieces of gold, which makes it easier to upgrade them later on if they become unusable due to being too weak or broken after too much use in battle.

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Crafting a weapon in Weapon Craft Run

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to craft a weapon in Weapon Craft Run. Crafting a weapon will require you to have the necessary materials and tools on hand.

Crafting a weapon in Weapon Craft Run-happymodsapk

The first step is finding an item that can be used as a blueprint for your new sword or ax. This can be done by exploring dungeons, defeating enemies, or purchasing blueprints from the shop using coins (the game’s premium currency). Once you’ve found one, press “Craft” at the bottom of your inventory menu and select it from there!

Crafting your first weapon in Weapon Craft Run

You need suitable materials to craft a weapon in Weapon Craft Run. The first step is choosing which type of weapon you want to create: sword or ax.

Next up is collecting resources specific to the type of weapon you want to make. For example, wood will be needed if you’re crafting an ax, but iron ore will be required instead if it’s a sword. Once all those materials are collected and ready for use in crafting your weapon (and all other requirements have been met), tap on them when prompted!

Crafting a sword

  • Crafting a sword requires a blade and hilt.
  • Crafting a blade requires an alloy, which can be made with three elements: iron, steel, and bronze.
  • Crafting a hilt requires a handle or grip that you can make by heating wood on fire or boiling it in water with the proper ingredients (wood + glue).
  • Once you have crafted your sword’s blade and hilt components, combine them using rivets or screws to create one complete weapon!

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Crafting an ax

Crafting an ax is similar to sword crafting. You will need wood, iron, and coal to create your weapon. Once you have those items, it’s time to craft a handle for your ax.

After you’ve created your handle, it’s time to add on some extra accessories like a shield or armor if needed.

Design Your Weapons

Weapon crafting is a feature that allows you to create your own weapons from scratch, even if you’re not a professional blacksmith. You can choose from various weapon parts and customize them with special effects like poison or fire. You can even upgrade your weapons to make them stronger!

Craft Weapons From Scratch

You can craft weapons from scratch using different materials. You can also use materials you find in the game or buy from the store. Some items are available for purchase when you start playing, while others will become available later.

As you progress through Weapon Craft Run, more options will become available to you:

Take On Mission Challenges

Mission challenges are a fun way to earn rewards. They’re designed to be challenging, but anyone can complete the challenge within the time limit.

Collect Loot and Boosters

As you play, you’ll collect loot and boosters. Loot can be used to craft better weapons, while boosters make the game easier by increasing your health or giving you extra coins for killing enemies.

Boosters can be earned or purchased from the in-game store.


The takeaway is that you should take advantage of having a phone and a game in your pocket. You can do more with your phone than play games, even if they are fun. You can use it as a tool for creativity, expression, and self-actualization.

  • In other words: start making stuff!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the weapons in Weapon Craft Run, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons more features and content to explore, so get out there and start crafting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Weapon Craft Run APK?

Weapon Craft Run is a mobile game that lets you craft weapons and armor, battle monsters, and progress through levels.

How do I download the Weapon Craft Run APK?

You can download the game from a reputable APK download site. Be sure to check that the site is secure and that the version of the game you download is the latest one available.

Is Weapon Craft Run APK safe to download?

We cannot vouch for the safety of any particular APK download site, but as long as you download the game from a reputable site and have proper virus protection installed on your device, the game should be safe to play.

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