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GTAV: The Manual is the official manual app for Grand Theft Auto V. Contains over 100 pages covering everything from Game Controls, and Features to a tour through the local neighborhoods and activities across Los Santos and Blaine County - plus a special interactive version of the game map to zoom in and explore.
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It’s been an exceptionally long time since digital voice city has ruled over the gaming industry for desktop gaming, mobile gaming, and cloud gaming. As time passed, Rockstar games made another great game for mobile that was previously only available on Xbox and PC version that was GTA5.

As usual, the GTA includes gameplay, drug violence racing, and many other things you can do as a mafia. But remember, the law is everywhere, so you will see the police behind you whenever you do anything illegal.

Grand Theft Auto V-happymodsapk
Grand Theft Auto V

But being a GTA fan, you know all about this, and what we are looking for here today are the true realistic graphics available on mobile. We must remember that this game is not officially by Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA5.

This game was developed by real fans of GTA around the world as there was a huge need to play GTA5 on mobile, so the fans and developers around the world got together with the undeveloped GTA5 Android APK.


The gameplay is, as always, the best of its kind. There are story missions just like in the PC version of GTA5. Still, you might have to see some spontaneous missions inside the town or the city you will be in. sometimes, these missions will be illegal, but yes, that is what the GTA is all about, real life and the mafia.

Game Plays

If you ask any GTA fans, they will not stop talking about the cars and the machine guns inside the game. So, from here to there, a lot of varieties of guns and cars are ready for you to play them, and yes, the best part is also that you can go out and see other better models of bikes and cars, and you can upgrade them in whatever sense you like.

You can also use a silencer on the guns and upgrade them, and this will be fantastic for you to feel the same experience as GTA5 on a mobile device.

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Useful Tips

If you start the game for the first time, you will see a tutorial on how to play the game, which will help even if you are a complete Beginner or a seasoned pro. So, this comprehensive work through all the tutorials of GTA5 APK will help many players easily understand the gameplay and how to complete the missions easily.

Always try to keep your health and stamina good in this game, as they will be a necessary power for you when you are doing your missions because if you lose your stamina, your character will stop walking. And this stops you from running, swimming, and even shooting. So do not feed your character too much food, or they will get bulky as if you have played in the PC version of GTA5.

Features of GTA 5 APK Original

Weapons and Ammos

To defend your character, you will need all kinds of weapons, including a screwdriver, to punch someone in the head, but please do not do that in real life because you will be in jail for a long time because this is not the GTA5 APK mobile.

So, if you want to have the great adventure of playing with all the weapons like guns, machine guns, pistols, swords, grenades, and all kinds of weapons, then you should go for the Grand Theft Auto 5 APK original.

Weapons and Ammos-happymodsapk
Weapons and Ammos

In the PC version, you sometime must pay a lot of investment to get the weapons upgrades and things like that, but in this mobile version, you will have a lot of free upgrades and guns you can play with.

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If you are talking about the GTA5 APK game, we cannot forget the importance of graphics because GTA is all about realistic graphics in gaming. In a true sense, GTA5 APK has the best graphics possible on the mobile version. Still, it depends on your device’s ability to display all the visuals depending upon the device’s resources.

But here, the developers have also added a notable feature of adjusting your graphics according to the need of your gaming device. So, you can have all the wonderful gameplay experiences of GTA5 whenever you play on a mobile device.

All Money

As we all know, the GTA5 APK mobile is a great version of the GTA5 PC version. So, the things here are also as realistic as possible, like you must pay for your groceries, clothes, hair trimming, and haircuts. Sometimes you will need to buy vehicles you want to keep in your garage, bikes, or buildings, and you will need real money.

All Money GTA5-happymodsapk
All Money GTA5

You do not need to worry about the real money in your pockets, but this will be the real money you will earn by doing missions inside the game. So yes, this is a fantastic way to make the game a real-life game.

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GTA 5 APK System Requirements

GTA5 APK mobile system requirements are not extremely high. The initial game size is not big, but you will need to download the resources for it, and then you will need almost 2GB or 3GB of your hard space. You should have 3GB ram in your mobile device, and this game is compatible with Android version 5.0 and higher.


GTA5 mobile APK is a great game for GTA fans because it will bring them a wonderful gaming experience of the GTA5 PC version. This game is not just about the attractive graphics but also great about the story gameplay. Because we all know the story of the GTA games is always one of a kind. So, if you are a GTA fan, you should download this game from our website now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game easy to play?

It is simply an excellent and easy-to-play game because of its great interface, and it is not complicated. You can unlock all the functions and items easily and be the expert in the GTA5 app game.

Are there any mobile games that are like GTA 5? 

Yes, there are other games like GTA5, like Gangster Vegas, GTA Theft Auto San Andreas, and Max Payne mobile.

Can I play GTA 5 online on my mobile? 

The cloud feature for GTA5 mobile has not yet been released, so you cannot play GTA5 APK online on a mobile device.

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