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Welcome to the house of prop hunt where people are transformed into furniture and have to hide from the eyes of daddy
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Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy is an app for children with autism and attachment disorders. 

The app helps kids understand their feelings and creatively express them. It also encourages them to explore new things through colorful visuals and sound effects. The game features several characters based on real-life people who have suffered from similar issues as the ones in this game. This allows children to relate with these characters, which ultimately helps them understand themselves better and develop ways to overcome their problems like others.

Exploring Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy APK-happymodsapk

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A Journey through the Rainbow: Exploring Rainbow Survivor

This game helps children explore their feelings, emotions, and social situations. It also helps them identify the different ways they can handle different situations.

This game aims to help your child learn how to identify and express their emotions better so they can handle situations better.

Let’s Talk Fantasy!

Let’s Talk Fantasy! is an app that helps children understand what to do when interacting with others in different social settings. The app has scenarios where you can choose what character you want to be and interact with other characters, each with their personalities and reactions. For example, there is a scenario where your character meets another person at a party who wants to talk about something but doesn’t know how because they are shy (this could also be used as an opportunity for the child to practice sharing).

Exploring Rainbow Survivor-happymodsapk

The author of this game uses colorful illustrations and fun music to keep kids engaged. In contrast, they learn valuable lessons about how to behave when meeting new people or dealing with difficult situations such as being teased by others or feeling left out of activities at school/home, etc.”

Introduction and Setup

Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy is a mobile game that puts you in the role of a young girl named Rainbow, who must search her house for her father. The game is designed to be played by children with autism or other developmental disabilities, but it’s also accessible to anyone who wants to try it out.

The setup process for Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy consists of downloading and installing the app on your device; after that, you must start playing! The gameplay is simple: tap on objects from left to right and top-to-bottom until they have been tapped at least once (you’ll know when this happens because they’ll become highlighted). Once all objects have been tapped at least once, move to another room by tapping its name at the bottom center of your screen; repeat this process until all rooms are complete!

What is Rainbow Survivor?

Rainbow Survivor is a mobile game for Android and iOS devices. In Rainbow Survivor, you have to tap on the screen to make your way through the rainbow. You have to collect all the stars to reach the end of each level. Each time you complete a level, there will be more obstacles for players to overcome as they progress through this puzzle game!

This can be played by anyone who likes puzzles or games like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled Blitz (for example).

Game Overview

Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy is a free game available on Android and iOS. You play as a little girl searching for her father, who has disappeared in the mysterious rainbow world. To find him, you must collect colored balls scattered around each level. There are different types of balls with different abilities; some will help you get through obstacles or upgrade your character’s speed and strength so they can reach new areas faster.

On most screens, there are four directions for you to move in and some obstacles blocking your path.

You’ll first notice four directions for you to move in and some obstacles blocking your path. On most screens, the obstacles are different colors and can be anything from monsters to black holes.

  • The blue monster will attack you if it sees you. If it does attack, all the other monsters on that screen will become angry and chase after you! You should try not to run into them because they will ruin everything!
  • The red boxes are dangerous, too–if one falls on top of a rainbow bubble (which we’ll talk about later), then no one gets any points! It’s best to avoid those things altogether so nobody gets hurt…or worse yet…


The game is fun, but it can be frustrating. The ads are pretty annoying, and I wish there were an option to pay for an ad-free game version. It’s great that the developers have put out a free version of this app, but I don’t think I would play it as much if it weren’t so easy to get frustrated when you lose or get stuck on a level because you can’t beat it without buying extra moves or coins (which cost real money).

Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy has much potential, and I’m excited to see where it goes!


A Journey through the Rainbow: Exploring Rainbow Survivor is an app designed for children with autism who have attachment disorders. The app aims to help children with autism open up and explore their feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It helps them to process their feelings and helps them overcome social anxiety. The app encourages children to talk about their feelings and how they will stop feeling sad or hurt

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy?

Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy is a mobile game where players must survive in a post-apocalyptic world and find their missing father.

Where can I download Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy apk?

Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy apk can be downloaded from various third-party sites and app stores. However, it is essential to be cautious when downloading apk files from sources other than Google Play Store, as they may contain viruses or malware.

Is Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy apk safe to download?

The safety of the apk file depends on the source from which it is downloaded. It is recommended to download the apk file only from reputable sources and install an antivirus program on your device to ensure safety.


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